The Caswell Family

I have known Jason and Libby for a year now but this was my first time to meet their sweet kiddos!  We had a beautiful sun lit day to work with and I love how their session unfolded!caswell-1-copy caswell-2-copy caswell-3-copy caswell-4-copy caswell-5-copy caswell-6-copy caswell-7-copy caswell-8-copy caswell-9-copy



I had a wonderful time with Senior, Rebecca, this past Sunday.  She is a senior at Lakota High in Ohio.  I was able to capture her brother’s senior portraits several years ago.  It’s always fun keeping in touch with clients and capturing all of these milestones of their lives.  Congratulations Rebecca!  You have a wonderful future ahead!rebecca-1-copy rebecca-2-copy rebecca-3-copy rebecca-4-copy rebecca-5-copy rebecca-6-copy rebecca-7-copy rebecca-8-copy rebecca-9-copy rebecca-10-copy

Girls on the Run 5K

Girls on the Run is a wonderful program for young girls!  My daughter has participated in past years and I have had the privilege of shooting their 5K races for the past 3 years!  Last Saturday was their 5K race and it was great to see so many smiling faces of accomplishment!gotr-1-copy gotr-23-copy gotr-39-copy gotr-50-copy gotr-58-copy gotr-81-copy gotr-100-copy gotr-136-copy gotr-216-copy gotr-247-copy gotr-268-copy gotr-284-copy gotr-341-copy gotr-355-copy gotr-357-copy


It’s been a blessing getting to know this wonderful girl, Sommer, the past several months!  She is beautiful both inside and out and I’m excited to watch her continue to grow in her creativity and passions in life!  sommer-1-copy sommer-2-copy sommer-3-copy sommer-4-copy sommer-5-copy sommer-6-copy sommer-7-copy sommer-8-copy sommer-9-copy sommer-10-copy sommer-11-copy